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S. Pratt, Criminal Background Screening in Housing: Emerging Enforcement Tools, Federal Bar Association's Civil Rights Insider (Winter 2020)

S. Pratt, Fair Housing Act at Fifty, 53 U. Rich. L.R. 1021 (2019) 

S. Pratt, Civil Rights Strategies to Increase Mobility, Yale Law Journal Forum (2017)

S. Pratt, Exclusionary Zoning in the Spotlight, Federal Bar Association's Civil Rights Insider (Fall 2017)

R. Schwemm & S. Pratt, Disparate Impact under the Fair Housing Act: A Proposed Approach (2010)

The Future of Fair Housing:  Report of the National Commission on Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity (Dec. 2008)

S. Pratt & M. Allen, Addressing Community Opposition to Affordable Housing Development: A Fair Housing Toolkit, Housing Alliance of Pennsylvania (2004)

S. Pratt, M. Allen, and B. Milstein, “Reconstructing Fair Housing,” National Council on Disability (2001)

“Damages for Embarrassment and Humiliation in Housing Discrimination Cases,” Ky. Comm. on Human Rts. (1983)


J.D., University of Arizona

B.A., St. Andrews Presbyterian College


  • District of Columbia
  • Kentucky
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