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J. Relman & R. Colfax, Fair Housing Implications of "Essential Workforce" Housing, The Florida Housing Coalition (2012).

Case Note: Denied Water Service Because of Race, 43 Clearinghouse Rev. 7-8 (2009).

R. Colfax, "Housing Choice Voucher Discrimination:  Another Obstacle to Achieving the Promise of Brown," in The NIMBY Report, Fifty Years Later:  Brown v. Board of Education and Housing Opportunity (2004). 


J.D., Yale Law School

A.B., Harvard University, magna cum laude


  • District of Columbia
  • New Mexico


  • Hon. Thelton E. Henderson, U.S. District Court, Northern District of California


  • Saint-Jean v. Emigrant Mortgage Co.

    (This video was created in 2016. Subsequent proceedings have occurred that are not reflected here.)

  • Coal Run: Kennedy v. City of Zanesville
  • St. Bernard Parish
  • Feeling Justified: Stark County v. Ruth
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