Relman Colfax is pleased to announce that Eric Sublett has joined the partnership. Since coming to the firm in 2012, Eric has practiced in the civil rights counseling group, with particular emphasis on fair lending, fair housing, and considerations relating to algorithmic fairness. Eric has counseled clients in a range of industries—including financial institutions, insurance companies, and online platforms—on the development and implementation of best-practices approaches to civil rights and consumer protection.

In recent years, Eric has been especially focused on the cutting-edge issues arising from the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms.  These technologies have profound implications for civil rights and regulatory compliance, and as partner, Eric will continue to help expand the firm’s practice in these areas and assist clients with navigating these challenges.

Eric is a graduate, cum laude, of Harvard Law School. After graduation, he attended Yale University, where he completed a master’s degree in economics. Prior to joining the firm, Eric was a visiting fellow with the Information Society Project at Yale Law School and worked on fair housing issues as a volunteer attorney with the Connecticut Fair Housing Center.

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