In March 2021, Relman Colfax settled disability discrimination claims against a Chicago neighborhood association that had blocked accessibility modifications to the home of now 17-year-old Ava Deakin and her family.  After several years of litigation and victories in federal and state courts, the family completed the renovations, moved into the home and committed to working through an accessibility committee to ensure that the Old Town Triangle Historic District and the iconic OTTA Art Fair are made even more accessible to—and welcoming for—people with disabilities.

Inspired by the power of her own litigation—and the civil rights activism of many other young people over the past seven decades—Ava has written Tomorrow Begins Now, based on interviews with 18 activists.  Learn more about the book—scheduled for release in May 2022—and about this amazing activist and author in this short video.

Relman Colfax is proud to be in the civil rights struggle with Ava, her family and others fighting for justice and equal opportunity.

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