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The murders of Ahmaud Arbery, George Floyd, and Breonna Taylor, among too many others, are a devastating, yet predictable, result of this country’s failure to confront and resolve its existence as a nation based on principles of white supremacy. The structural racism underpinning every aspect of our society allows state-sponsored killings of Black people. Mr. Arbery, Mr. Floyd, and Ms. Taylor are victims of insidious racism that infects every aspect of our lives from housing discrimination—which leaves Black communities invisible, isolated, and under-resourced—to a criminal legal system designed around a presumption that Black people are dangerous and guilty. The voices rising from the streets over the last few weeks are awakening a new consciousness that we hope will lead to change in our systems, structures, and attitudes, including the dismantling of white supremacy.

We, as a firm, stand with all allies in the battle for racial justice and seek to do everything in our power to join, support, and amplify the message ringing from Minnesota to Georgia to Kentucky and every other corner of this land. Since its inception, our firm has challenged discriminatory practices in courts across the country. At this pivotal moment in the struggle, we commit to:

  • Pursue civil matters challenging discriminatory police procedures and actions.
  • Support judicial, legislative, and executive actions designed to eliminate discriminatory law enforcement practices.
  • Support our employees in their personal efforts to further racial justice.
  • Match employee donations to racial justice groups and organizations.
  • Continue to examine and refine our internal practices to ensure that we are meeting and advancing the values of diversity, equity, antiracism, and inclusion for our entire team.
  • Continue our ongoing and future challenges to long-term and structural inequities, particularly in matters involving housing, lending, employment, education, public accommodations, and policing.

As a community of changemakers striving to cultivate a more just, inclusive, equitable, and intentional society we will continue to fight until Black people in America can safely jog in their communities, sit in their cars, and relax in their homes.

In solidarity,

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