Relman Colfax represents two long-term public housing residents in this sexual harassment case against the D.C. Housing Authority (“DCHA”) and its property manager, Quantay Oliver, who DCHA allowed to sexually harass women living in DCHA properties for years, including repeatedly badgering them to perform sexual favors and offering them money in exchange for sex.

Plaintiffs in this case are Belinda Myers and Wanda Thomas, whose complaint alleges that their rights under the Fair Housing Act and the Equal Protection Clause were violated by Oliver’s persistent harassment over a number of years. During that time, Oliver repeatedly attempted to exploit his power by offering assistance with eviction proceedings or desperately needed repairs if they would have sex with him.  Despite their repeated rejections of his advances, Oliver continued to harass Ms. Myers and Ms. Thomas with vulgar comments and propositions, and on at least one occasion even attempted to touch genitalia or other sensitive areas.  

The complaint, filed in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia on March 10, 2020, alleges that DCHA was repeatedly informed of Mr. Oliver’s harassment but failed to intervene to stop the harassment. The lawsuit seeks to compensate Ms. Myers and Ms. Thomas for their injuries resulting from years of harassment.

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