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Gewalt vs. Porter

Relman, Dane & Colfax represented a gay couple in Northern California who were subjected to years of discriminatory harassment on the basis of their sexual orientation by their neighbors, Britt and Stuart Porter.  The couple filed the lawsuit in California state court, alleging that the Porters harassment created a hostile living environment in violation of California fair housing law, hate crimes statutes, and nuisance law.    The complaint was filed after the Porters repeatedly and over several years yelled epithets at the couple based on their sexual orientation, stalked them, accosted them, violated restraining orders, and vandalized their property.  Mrs. Porter repeatedly called the couple “f-----g faggots”, “queers,” and “butt f-----g boy lovers” among other equally explicit, demeaning, and insulting epithets.  In October 2010, after extensive discovery and motions practice, the case settled for $217,500.